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Coping with Mac hardware problems and business continuity

23 December 2015

One of the biggest headaches business owners face is encountering a hardware problem with their Macs. The hardware is usually very reliable but when it fails it can be quite complex to diagnose and lengthy to fix as it may need to spend sometime at the repairers. Clients often are reluctant to be without their machines, their data and applications for the duration of this repair.

Thankfully the Mac OS is fairly robust and consequently this frustration can be quite easily avoided with a simple addition to your business continuity plan. The plan revolves around the following;

- A regular clone of your main Mac or TimeMachine backup

- A less expensive second hand Mac that you can fall back to for a couple of days.

A clone of your main Mac onto an inexpensive USB drive using Carbon Copy Cloner can start up your contingency second hand Mac and within a minute you will have access to all your data and applications. A TimeMachine backup can take a few hours to restore but it will still get your continency Mac back to your latest and last backup.

We stock a range of second hand Macs that carry a three month hardware warranty and whilst they may not have the performance of your current model they will be able to run a clone of it. This will keep you and your business functioning whilst your main machine is away for repair.

It is also handy to remember that a clone from a Mac laptop will run on an iMac and vicer versa.

There is one considering - software licensing. Some applications will only allow one computer to be licensed per copy, so you may find that some applications won't run on your second Mac. We can help you prepare for this possibility with a quick 5 minute survey of your existing software.

The current listing of our second hand Macs for re-sale can be found here :

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