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Recent Projects | September 2018

28 September 2018

OS X and Application Upgrades | Zero downtime.
It’s always awkward to find the time to get around to doing significant OS X and application upgrades. A long-standing Borough Council client of Dejac’s had a Mac Pro that was in desperate need for some upgrades and TLC. We arranged to collect the Mac in persona on a Friday afternoon as the user was finishing for the weekend to whisk it back to our workshop. We then upgraded the OS to 10.13 High Sierra, Suitcase Fusion 9 ( and Creative Cloud 2018 ( We were back at the Council offices on Monday morning for 9 am, leaving an hour later once the user had thoroughly tested the upgrades were working to their satisfaction.

RAM & SSD Upgrade in MacBook Pro
We are big fans of upgrading perfectly good Apple kit that has just got a bit slow (providing the upgrade is cost effective). A lady client had a 2010 MacBook Pro that was perfectly functional just running a bit too slow following a High Sierra upgrade. We cloned her data from her failing old hard drive to a new solid-state drive and increased the RAM to the maximum 8Gb. She now has a perfectly usable Mac laptop that should give her a few more years of faithful service.

Data recovery from iMac.
A client’s iMac sudden refused to start up one morning. Despite trying a few tricks over the phone, we needed to visit to diagnose fully. The old hard drive had failed and there were no sufficiently recent backups to restore from. It was now key to recover what data we could from the failed hard drive. The unit was taken back to our workshop and thankfully we were able to access the vast majority of the data using DiscWarrior ( This was cloned to a new hard drive and then the Mac OS X was re-installed over the top. The new drive was re-fitted back into the iMac, it started up and was fully tested. We were able to return the iMac 48 hours after initially taking it away with all the data restored. One happy and greatly relieved client.


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