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Having supported Macs for over 30 years it has taught us that Mac issues do not respect lockdowns or global pandemics, they just happen regardless.

At Dejac we are determined to maintain our high standards of support to the Mac business community whilst abiding by the UK government’s social distancing guidelines. This can be achieved in several ways including helpdesk Mac support, remote consultancy and doorstep collections for repairs.

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Veterinary Services | Aldershot | 20 new Macs and server rolled out in just 4 days

Dejac had been supporting a successful training company for a number of years with their ageing OS X Server and Mac laptops. The OS X server was performing a number of functions for their 20 users including file sharing, VPN and running both a FileMaker database and Kerio Connect mail server. The whole system was beginning to show signs of poor performance and limitations due to the age of the hardware and software. So following a consultancy period with Dejac, the client decided to replace everything with brand new Apple equipment and upgrade all the software to the latest versions to ensure better performance on the same familiar platform into the future.

Our biggest hurdle was to migrate all the functions from the old Mac Pro server running 10.5 to a new Mac Mini running Yosemite Server with an external Thunderbolt external RAID for storage. We arranged for our FileMaker developer to migrate the old FileMaker 11 databases to the new FileMaker 14 format which were then configured to work with FileMaker Server 14 on the Mac Mini. All their mail, calendar and contact data held within Kerio Connect on the old server was backed up and restored to the new server without a glitch. Network user accounts were created within OS X Server on the Mac Mini to facilitate the VPN authentication and access to the network for remote users. Lastly, AFP file sharing was configured on the new server and their data was copied across to it from the old server.

The final piece of the jigsaw was to get all 20 new Macs users set up with the new versions of FileMaker 14 and MS Office installed on them. Lastly the users VPN, file server and email information needed configuring onto each new Mac before they could be handed over to the users. 

The whole installation and upgrade was timed during a holiday period for the office and its clients. This gave us a week to complete the install and upgrade in four days leaving a further day for snagging. In relality all the main server functions were operational to the whole office during this period with the exception of the FileMaker databases which were out of action for just the first day until we were ready to switch over to the new server.

The client now has all their users on modern Macs running the latest versions of their mainstream software and Mac OS X. They are now able to access the company's resources from home via a more reliable, secure VPN connection and their critical server data is sitting on a much more robust, modern OS X server hardware platform.


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