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Unified Threat Management Appliance | Design Agency | Reading, Berkshire

A long established and successful Design Agency in Reading wanted to secure their network to maintain the integrity of their Macs, smartphones and Mac OS X server. The server is both a file server and a mail server. The business owner wanted a simple no-nonsense method of ensuring that all traffic into and out of the network is safe and malware free. 

Our solution was to install a Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliance to inspect all data entering and leaving their network for malicious code and content.

A UTM is the first device any incoming traffic meets before it enters your network, so it can detect malicious code before it becomes a bigger problem. 

We selected a Zyxel USG60W firewall because they provide a good level of protection at an entry-level price. The USG60W replaced their standard BTHub router and the Wifi on the Zyxel was configured with the same name and password as the replaced BT router to minimisedisruption to the wireless clients within the network.

The Zyxel’s firewall ports were configured to allow throughonly mail traffic whilst all other inbound traffic was denied. The client now has comprehensive anti-malware protection via the following mechanisms that are built into the Zyxel; firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam, content filtering (to restrict access to certain categories of websites) and Intrusion Detection Protection (to detect for malicious code). 

A guest Wifi network was created so that visitors can access the internet but are kept well away from the sensitive, main business network.

Installation of the Zyxel UTM took half a day during which the client was without internet access for less than 10 minutes.

How can a UTM help your business?

A UTM satisfies a number of GDPR technology requirements. It greatly reduces the likelihood a data breach through a malware or ransomware attack. It keeps your network protected going forward as it regularly updates itself with the latest malware signatures.

Zyxel offers a range of UTMs to fit any size of business and budget with prices from as little as £330.00* for a UTM for up to 5 users and £435.00* for up to 10 users. Please contact me to get your personalized quotation for the installation and configuration of a Zyxel UTM to protect your business network.

Further information on the Zyxel range of UTMs can be found here.

*Prices correct at time of writing (7/4/18) and when purchased directly by the client from Amazon.co.uk

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