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Local firm chooses Dejac to secure network and improve phone system.

Springhill Showers manufacture luxury shower enclosures for clients throughout London and the South East of England. They are located on a modern, light industrial unit in a semi-rural setting which only had conventional ADSL broadband. Their broadband is provided on a single BT phone line which is also their main office telephone number, consequently, only one call could be made or received at any one time. They are growing rapidly, looking to employ more staff so need the ability to make and receive multiple, simultaneous phone calls, as well as secure their network from internet threats as staff, could bring their own devices (BYOD).

Dejac visited Springhill for an initial consultation to assess their requirements and test the speeds and reliability of their broadband connection. We left them a VoIP phone configured with a test VoIP account configured to voipfone.co.uk service. The initial feeling was that the 4Mbps ADSL line would be sufficient to make quality VoIP calls without latency.

Dejac proposed the installation of a firewall UTM device that would sit between their broadband connection and their internal business network. The firewall would be configured to drop any unwanted traffic into and out of the network, thereby maximising the limited bandwidth available. The UTM (Unified Threat Management) component would be configured to scan all traffic for viruses and malware. It also provides an intrusion protection and prevention system which guards the business network against a wide range of attacks and suspicious activities. In addition, the UTM can restrict some of the online content staff can browse via a powerful filter thus boosting productivity.

In addition, the firewall will be configured to prioritise VoIP traffic in and out of the network. It also provides a guest Wifi network that allows guest to browse the web at certain times during the day but keeps their devices off the main business network for extra security.

Springhill Showers wanted to supply their own VoIP phones so we were able to suggest some alternative manufacturers for them to consider. As only four VoIP phones were required initially, we felt that the voipfone.co.uk hosted VoIP service would suit their requirements best. One of the key features of voipfone.co.uk is that you only pay for each extension (£1 a month per extension) and then the cost of your calls which are at the competitive VoIP phone rates.

The on-site installation only half a day, with only 10 minutes internet downtime. We left them with the firewall UTM configured and protecting their business network. The new VoIP phones were configured and on the desks., however, at this point they were able to only make outgoing calls from them. We then started the process of porting their office number from BT to voipfone.co.uk. A week later their new VoIP phones were ringing with incoming calls from callers and the porting of their main line was complete. Springhill has now secured their business network and the staff are able to handle phone calls simultaneously thereby dramatically improving productivity.

Dejac is now able to VPN into the Springhill network (another feature of the firewall) and securely access any of the devices on their network for troubleshooting or configuration purposes. 

If you are interested in finding out how Dejac can improve your business’s productivity (and save you some money along the way) then please get in touch.

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