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Packaging Design | Slough | New OS X file server and Kerio Connect in one weekend

A successful and long established Berkshire design agency needed to replace their old and unreliable Mac OS X Server with a more up-to date model. Due to the sheer volume of data they were handling on a weekly basis backups were becoming cumbersome and storage was also an issue. In addition they wanted to explore the opportunities of switching the email server function from an old PC server to the new Mac server. 

Dejac had a number of separate consultations with the client listening to their requirements and then presenting them with a couple of possible options. The chosen solution involved a Mac Mini Server running OS X 10.9 Server, a Promise Pegasus 8Tb RAID 5 drive, a Tandberg LTO5 tape unit with autoloader, UPS and a 15 user license of Kerio Connect Server.

Once this solution had been agreed, it was decided to do all of the data transfer and data migration over one weekend to minimise downtime for the business. Dejac then thoroughly briefed the client as to what was expected of them and what to expect when the staff members returned from the chosen weekend. Dejac liaised on behalf of the client with the broadband provider as it was a managed fibre line and the company that was handling the domains DNS records.

On Friday afternoon Dejac built the cabinet and installed the rack-mountable UPS, Mac Mini Server and tape unit. Last thing on Friday Dejac requested that the existing MX record be changed to Dejac's own mail server which would then catch all the mail over the weekend whilst the migration was happening. On Saturday all the data was copied from the old file server to the new Mac Mini Server. The file server was configured and tested so that all the Macs in the Studio could now see the same data on the new file server as before but were benefiting from it being on a quicker, more stable platform. On Sunday all the mail from both the Macs and PCs was migrated over to the new mail server. Come Monday morning, Dejac requested a couple of further DNS changes which meant the new mail server was getting mail directly and the queued mail was released from our own backup mail server. A further couple of hours on-site was required on Monday morning familiarising the Studio manager with the new backup routine and providing some on-site support should it be required.

The clients migration was completed on time and significantly they now have all their important design artwork and email correspondence on an up to date, reliable platform that has plenty of capacity for both live data and archive data. As an added bonus they now have synchronised email across all their devices as well as shared calendars and address books.

The installation went as planned, both on time and on budget thanks mainly to the preparation Dejac did in advance of the weekend and good team work and communication with the client.


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