During these challenging times, we send you and your families our best wishes.

Having supported Macs for over 30 years it has taught us that Mac issues do not respect lockdowns or global pandemics, they just happen regardless.

At Dejac we are determined to maintain our high standards of support to the Mac business community whilst abiding by the UK government’s social distancing guidelines. This can be achieved in several ways including helpdesk Mac support, remote consultancy and doorstep collections for repairs.

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Publishing Company | London | Upgrade their Mac technology

By its own admission a small but successful London publishing company found that it had starting to fall behind the times with its Mac technology. They were still using POP mailbox technology for email so their mail wasn't being synced across all their devices nor being backed-up effectively. Office calendars were running on an historically propriety Mac only system without any access from outside the office. Lastly, they wanted to move to their design Macs to the Adobe Creative Cloud.

First, we made sure that all Macs were upgraded to at least 10.7 to ensure compatibility with the Adobe Cloud and bring their OS nearer to the current version. We then migrated there domain mail over to our hosted own Kerio Connect (Exchange-type) mail server in our own UK based Data Cantre giving them synchronised mailboxes. Kerio Connect also allows for calendar sharing, so the company calendars were now accessible from both inside and outside of the office. Lastly, we signed them up with Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams and rolled this out to all their design Macs so they had access to the very latest Adobe software packages.

As they are a very a very deadline-driven organisation we knew that key to all this would be a smooth transition from old to new without any lose of functionality throught the working day. A lot of the work was done via remote control out of standard business hours. All historic email and calendar data was migrated to the our Kerio Connect platform over a weekend and client computers configured for Monday morning, with the Adobe Creative Cloud following the next weekend.

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