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Ethical disposal of your old Mac kit and secure destruction of your old data.

We all have an old Mac or laptop gathering dust in a corner of the office, but how do you actually dispose of it properly and more importantly how do you prevent your old data on that computer from potentially falling into criminal hands?

Dejac provides a secure disposal solution for both of these dilemmas. We will collect your old kit and either physically shred your old hard drive or do a minimum of a 3-pass secure erase on it, making the data unrecoverable. Then we will dispose of the unit either via ethical disposal methods or through one of a number of recycling channels. 

Either way, your old Mac is no longer getting under your feet and you have the peace of mind that your data has been securely disposed of.

There is a charge of £10.00* for the data destruction and a £10.00* charge for the cost of collection and disposal.This article gives you more details if you want to do your own disposal and data destruction:

If you would like us to dispose of any old Mac kit then please contact us to arrange collection.

*Prices exclude [email protected] 20%