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GDPR - What is a UTM Firewall?

What is a UTM Firewall and how it goes a long way with GDPR compliance?

UTM stands for Unified Threat Management. It is a device that sits in your office between the internet and the rest of your network. It checks data traffic entering and leaving your network for security threats. To put it in a nutshell, it takes a big headache away from any business owner towards GDPR compliance as it automatically checks for the following security threats; viruses, malware, intrusions, spam and other suspicious traffic.  Your standard router that is supplied by your broadband provider will only keep the most basic of intrusions out of your network. All other threats will pass unchallenged.

UTMs come with a WiFi option so all these security policies can be applied to all WiFi clients as well as smartphones. Smartphones and tablets are increasingly becoming targets of malware as they tend to be less protected than computers. Also, the WiFi option allows you to create a guest wifi network, so you can keep your guests off your main work network, keeping it free from threats.

A UTM can also filter certain web traffic, so, for example, you may want it to exclude everyone from inside your network accessing any gambling, pornography or terrorism material from the web.

Are you in a serviced office or share your internet connection with others outside of your organisation?
If this describes your network arrangement then a UTM would be a necessity. Can you guarantee that no-one else within your shared network can access your devices? Having your own UTM is the simplest way to ensure this.

How does this relate to GDPR?

Article 5 of the GDPR requires that personal data shall be::…”processed in a manner that ensures appropriate security of the personal data, including protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using appropriate technical or organisational measures.

Essentially, the Regulation would expect you to consider investing in something like a UTM to demonstrate that you process your data carefully and securely. I am sure your clients expect you do this already. 

UTM’s come at different price points due to the fact that they need to be more powerful the more devices you have on your network. Here are the prices of a recommended UTM brand (taken from a popular online store) dependant on the number of people within your network.

1 - 2 people: £335.00 plus VAT
3-10 people: £460.00 plus VAT
10-20 people: £995.00 plus VAT

All the above pricing is from an online retailer and includes a year's subscription to all internet threat signatures. You will need to subscribe to signature updates from the manufacturer which they push down to your device daily to keep you protected. The cost of the annual renewal is typically a third of the cost of the device itself.

There are installation costs (based on your network complexity) to consider and possibly the need to purchase a DSL/VDSL modem (£30) if your existing router can’t be used. 

What is the alternative to a UTM?
The alternative to a UTM is for someone to individually go around install anti-virus, anti-malware, firewall software on every device on your network, then monitored regularly. This includes Macs, PCs, smartphones plus any other devices your staff or guests may bring onto your network. 

If you would like to implement a UTM firewall into your network and would like more accurate figures then please drop me a line.


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