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GDPR - Where is the BBC?

I am amazed that we have got to nearly within a month of GDPR become law and Huw Edwards hasn't cleared this throat and talked about it on the News at 10! But to be fair there have been a number of significant global events that have stolen the limelight recently.

The only national mentioned of it on BBC TV I saw was the Information Commissioner discussing the Facebook controversy with Dan on the Breakfast sofa, with a 45-second interlude on GDPR. (7.47am on the 9th April if you are interested in finding it on iPlayer).

For many, the BBC are bastions of neutrality and independence in public service broadcasting, so I have been waiting for them to inform and educate about GDPR, but very little has been forthcoming. In desperation, I have found a web page on the BBC website which gives an easy-to-read overview of the legislation and its possible impact if you are non-compliant. Worth a read here

I particularly like the comment from the Commissioners spokesman :

".. if your organisation can't demonstrate that good data protection is a cornerstone of your business policy and practices when the new law comes in, you're leaving your organisation open to enforcement action that can damage both public reputation and bank balance."

Our GDPR consultancy can take as little as two hours (£150.00) to identify your exposure and develop a strategy to become compliant before May 25th. Please get in touch if interested.


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