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GDPR....Your Journey

GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation. It is new EU legislation that the UK will adopt (regardless of Brexit) on the 25th May 2018.

Click on the links below which are in chronological order to start your journey and discover more about the scope and impact GDPR will have on your organisation.

Dejac can explain the scope of the new legislation to your business, secure your network and help rationalise your data.  So if you are ready to start your journey towards GDPR compliance then please complete this form.

15th November 2017 GDPR...What is it...?...and why you should know about it.

2nd January 2018 GDPR...Does it apply to me?

5th January 2018 GDPR...Your first steps

1st February 2018 GDPR...What is a UTM Firewall?

1st March 2018 GDPR - Simple Security & Privacy for Desktops

7th March 2018 GDPR - Simple Security & Privacy for iPhones / iPads

14th March 2018 GDPR - Simple Security & Privacy for Mac Laptops

7th April 2018 GDPR - UTM - Case Study - Design Agency, Reading, Berkshire

18th April 2018 GDPR - Where is the BBC?

27th April 2018 GDPR - EE - a good example of a thorough privacy policy

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