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GDPR...Your first steps

Following my earlier article this week on the principals behind GDPR, I hope I was able to demonstrate that GDPR compliance is not a commodity or service you can purchase from a third-party and 24 hours later you will be compliant. You as a stakeholder in your organisation will have to own this problem and drive it forward so that the secure handling of personal data becomes second nature to everyone.

The phrase that all the GDPR consultants are emphasising is “data protection by design and default”. Which essentially means don’t try to crowbar a GDPR solution into the current company culture. Rebuild it from the foundations upwards. That way you will get a better understanding of the data flows in and out of the business and you can specify a formal process. You will need to take a fresh look at how you gather personal data, store it, use it, pass it on to others, archive it and dispose of it. GDPR is here to stay so you will need to embrace it at some point.

Data is everywhere today and personal data is often mixed in with business data, so the best policy considers all data important to secure. Look around your office and you will have digital conversations with people on your desktop, laptop, smartphone, iPads, in text format, emails, on backup drives, servers (some of which you have control of and others that you don’t). It’s a minefield to know what is held securely and what isn’t, what is relevant to GDPR and what isn’t.

I have only really been able to scratch the surface with some of the aspects of GDPR in my last article, there are many other areas of data collection and processing that you will need to be made aware of.

Dejac can help you with this process. I can offer you an initial face to face consultation that will take approximately two hours where we cover the legislation and identify its relevance to the way your organisation currently handles the flow of data through it. We can discuss what areas will need to be addressed and by the end of the consultation, you should have a GDPR action plan. A few of the items on the action plan I will be able to help you with going forward but the other items may be changes you need to consider in the way your organisation handles data.

Throughout January 2018 an initial, face to face consultation to develop a GDPR action plan will cost £150.00 plus VAT. Should it not be practical to meet in person a telephone consultation can be arranged at a cost of £120.00 plus VAT, although you must be prepared for it to last up to two hours. Following our consultation should you require me to write you a summary GDPR action plan for you then this will can be arranged for an additional £75.00 plus VAT.

Your action plan you will effectively map out your journey towards GDPR compliance. As you near the end of your GDPR journey you should have compiled a GDPR compliance document that demonstrates your understanding of your data, where it is, how it is being used, lists the appropriate technical and organisation measures you have adopted and records any supplier relationships that also come into contact with that data.

To book an initial GDPR consultation please drop me a line so we arrange a mutually convenient meeting.

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