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Having supported Macs for over 30 years it has taught us that Mac issues do not respect lockdowns or global pandemics, they just happen regardless.

At Dejac we are determined to maintain our high standards of support to the Mac business community whilst abiding by the UK government’s social distancing guidelines. This can be achieved in several ways including helpdesk Mac support, remote consultancy and doorstep collections for repairs.

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Have you considered moving your business phones from BT to a VoIP system?

BT are beginning to look expensive compared to their competitors. They have billions of pounds invested in antiquated equipment in their exchanges consequently they are happy to keep you on an artificially high tariff to get a return on this investment. Many clients also find BT a pain to deal with, their administration, billing and their engineering services departments do not talk to each other which means hours wasted for you to unravel problems they have created. 

In addition did you know that BT themselves are committed to turning off their traditional ISDN phone services in favour of VoIP in 2025?

So what is VoIP? 

VoIP is the ability to make and receive telephone calls through your broadband connection. As a result, you have little or no business landline rental charges. VoIP calls cost just 1p a minute to another UK landline number, 8p a minute to a UK mobile and much cheaper than BT when calling abroad. VoIP solutions also have many extra features that come as standard such as ;

• Optional direct lines and individual voicemail if required. Voicemail messages can even be emailed to you.

• Automatic answering machine service or redirection of calls when out of office hours.

• Recording of calls at the press of a button on your phone.

• Call forwarding to a mobile phone, call parking or call pickup from another phone in the office.

• Great call logging features and analysis for the business owners.

When switching to VoIP some initial investment is required in new phones and an in-house VoIP phone system, but after that, they have considerably fewer on-going costs and much cheaper phone call charges. Most clients will break-even in the second year and one of my clients is now benefiting from a £900 a quarter saving on their fixed line phone charges having moved from BT to VoIP last year.

Should you wish to start exploring your options with our VoIP solution then please get in touch and we will be only too happy to discuss your options.

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