During these challenging times, we send you and your families our best wishes.

Having supported Macs for over 30 years it has taught us that Mac issues do not respect lockdowns or global pandemics, they just happen regardless.

At Dejac we are determined to maintain our high standards of support to the Mac business community whilst abiding by the UK government’s social distancing guidelines. This can be achieved in several ways including helpdesk Mac support, remote consultancy and doorstep collections for repairs.

Please get in touch if there is any Mac issue you would like us to address on 01494 809551 or [email protected]

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Improve Yosemite Performance

Whilst it is great that most 7-8 year old Macs can run the very latest Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) you may find that it considerably slows down these Macs. Yosemite adds loads of new features wrapped around a complex graphical interface, however these nice graphical touches can degrade the overall performance. Here are a few little adjustments you can make to take the burden off your graphics chip and claw back a bit more performance on these older models.

1) Reduce Transparency : Open up System Preferences, click on Accessibility and place a checkmark next to Reduce Transparency.

2) Disable Notifications : Click on the Notification Center icon in the upper-right corner of the screen of the menu bar. This opens up the Notification Center, then click on the Today tab if it isn’t there already and then click Edit down at the bottom. Select each of the red delete buttons next to each widget to remove them from the Notification Center and then click Done at the bottom to save the changes.

3) Adjust the Minimize Window Effect : Open up System Preferences and click on Dock. Find the Minimize windows option and change it from Genie effect to Scale effect.

4) Automatically Hide and Show the Dock : Open up System Preferences and click on Dock. Place a tick in the Automatically show and hide the Dock.

5) Try to simplify your desktop : by reducing the number of your icons and folders that you keep on the desktop and having a simpler desktop picture or pattern.