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Replacing a hard drive in an MacPro with Apple's RAID card

When we had to replace a failed drive in a clients MacPro server with a hardware RAID, we naturally did our research but we found a lot of conflicting advice and information on the internet. Here is our experience which would definitive if you have an identical or very similar Mac system and need to replace a failed drive.

Scenario. The RAID Utility in our clients MacPro server indicated that the drive in bay 2 had disappeared i.e. failed. The server is a 2009 MacPro model with 4x1Tb Seagate drives with the Apple RAID card installed. These drives are configured for RAID5 and the Mac is running OS X 10.5.8.

Modus Operandi. We had to source an identical, replacement drive from the U.S. which took about two weeks to arrive. The server was shut down and we removed the faulty drive from bay 2. We then replaced the faulty drive with the new drive and re-inserted it into bay 2 and then turned the Mac Pro. We had read that the RAID would start rebuilding itself automatically, however despite the new drive being recognised immediately nothing had happened after 5 minutes. In the end within the RAID Utility software we selected the drive in bay 2 and chose the "Make Spare" option from the "RAID Menu". Immediately the drive in bay 2 was added to the existing RAID set and the rebuilding process began immediately.

I hope you have found this article useful and it saves you some time.