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Dejac Associates Apple Mac consultancy services extend beyond Mac technical support and trouble-shooting. We look at your Macintosh network at a more strategic level. We can undertake a detailed analysis of your Apple network and systems, resolving immediate issues and present a report that includes recommendations for greater efficiency and reliability.

Dejac Associates can discuss emerging technologies on the Macintosh platform and how they may be of benefit to your business needs. Typical examples may include: choice of server technology, broadband requirements, Apple networking design, back-up strategy, and mail servers.

Dejac Associates Limited is an authorised reseller for a number of industry leading manufacturers and service providers such as United Digital for quality RAID solutions and CrashPlan UK for Cloud backup.


'It's difficult to now imagine running my business without Dejac Associates - they give me huge support and piece of mind. Not only are they incredibly reliable and responsive, no matter how big the problem, they also have the knowledge to sort out any I.T issue, often remotely. I honestly cannot recommend them highly enough.'
James Quartermaine, Journey Ltd, Oxon.