On-site, ad-hoc Apple Mac support visits

We work with our clients to ensure their Mac problems are addressed today and implement digital solutions which are robust and cost effective for tomorrow. Sometimes the only way to address and resolve a Mac or network issue is to have an expert in front of the problem. We call it “boots on the ground”. We get a much quicker appreciation of the problem and therefore you get a much quicker resolution.

Remote Support

Sometimes problems can be swiftly resolved remotely. Over 80% of clients subscribe to our annual priority remote support arrangement where their Mac issues are addressed within minutes over the phone, via email or using remote control software.

IT Consultancy – It’s a minefield out there

Choosing the right direction for your Apple Mac digital strategy may seem like a minefield, where one wrong decision can set your business back. We can advise you on the direction the market is moving and how capable and compliant your existing kit may be in the years ahead. Our advice isn’t tainted by commission or the latest fad. It is based on tried and tested technologies already implemented and benefiting other clients.

Avoid unexpected IT surprises

We always try to look ahead so that we can let you know what impending IT weaknesses you may have or what forthcoming upgrade you may want to take advantage of. This helps you plan ahead and mitigate those unexpected IT events that disrupt your business. We make sure all your devices are up to date and cyber-compliant.